Air Duct Repair & Installation Services in Harrisburg & Central Pennsylvania

Ensure you’re getting the best airflow throughout your home with quality air duct repair and installation services.

The ductwork in your home is the heartbeat of your heating and cooling system. If they’re damaged in any way, you won’t have any airflow, which is why finding reputable ductwork contractors is essential. At G.F. Bowman, Inc., we have over 55 years of experience repairing and installing ductwork throughout the Harrisburg, PA area. From locating the repair concern to using high-quality components, you can count on our staff to restore the airflow to your home in no time!

Keeping your air filter clean is the best way to protect your ductwork. Be sure to schedule AC System Check with our staff today!

Signs You Have Damaged Ductwork

Although your ductwork is mainly out of sight, running above your ceilings, there are still warning signs you should be on the lookout for to determine if a repair is needed. Some of the more common symptoms include:

  • High Energy Costs: If your ductwork is damaged or compromised, your air conditioner is going to have to work that much harder to heat or cool your home. Over time, this can translate into higher energy costs.
  • Low Airflow: Are there certain rooms in your home that simply won’t cool down? If you put your hand up to the air vent and notice little to no airflow, that may be the problem. Somewhere along with the ductwork, there may be a leak preventing air from reaching that area of your home.
  • Noisy Ductwork: Leaking air ducts often create noise. Whether it’s the sound of air hitting the insulation in your attic or any other abnormal noises, you should schedule an inspection immediately.
  • Hot or Cold Spots: Like the airflow concern, if you notice hot or cold spots in your home where there are no vents, your ductwork could be damaged. As air leaks out of the ducts and hits your ceiling, it will create these temperature zones.

Your biggest concern when it comes to air duct issues is low airflow. Generally caused by cracks or some type of blockage in the ductwork, you should have an expert inspect the line to determine what repair route is best.