Professional Furnace Installation

Old furnace struggling to keep up? Get a new one with expert furnace replacement services from G.F. Bowman, Inc.

A quality furnace does more than just heat your home; it ensures that you and your family are comfortable and safe. When you think of heating in Lebanon or Harrisburg, PA, consider G.F. Bowman. Our team of highly-trained technicians provides top-notch furnace installation that guarantees optimum temperatures in every corner of your house. We believe in energy efficiency; hence, we equip you with the best furnace system tailored to your needs.

Trust us to bring the heat this winter. Schedule your installation today and join our family of satisfied customers!

Want to avoid furnace replacement? Be sure to keep up with your ongoing furnace maintenance needs with our detailed system check programs!

Furnace Replacement Services to Ensure Your Comfort All Year Round

Is your old furnace making strange noises, or has it simply stopped working? Perhaps you’ve noticed a surge in your utility bills? These could be signs that you need furnace replacement services. With time, furnaces lose their efficiency, causing them to use more energy and hike up your bills. When it’s time to replace, trust our furnace replacement contractor to advise on the best unit for your home.

Reputable Furnace Replacement Contractors for Quality Solutions

Choosing the right furnace replacement contractor can be daunting. But, in the Lebanon and Harrisburg communities, G.F. Bowman stands out. Our reputation in the world of HVAC is unparalleled. We offer quick and reliable furnace installation services, ensuring that your new gas furnace is installed to perfection. Each technician on our team is skilled in ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your heating system.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Furnace

Are you worried about the overall health of your furnace? If so, consider the following factors which may put your furnace in the “at-risk” category:

  • Old Age: If your furnace is ten or more years old and it’s struggling to heat your home, a replacement may be a better option.
  • Rising Energy Bills: If your utility bills inexplicably begin to spike and you’re not using your appliances any differently, something is absolutely wrong. Your furnace is working extra hard and failing to effectively circulate any heated air.
  • Frequent Repairs: While repairs are always the first choice among homeowners, at some point, when repairs become frequent, they may not be the right option any longer. If your furnace is on the older side, compare the cost of the repair against a new unit; it could help you decide what’s right for your home.
  • Undersized System: A furnace that is unable to heat your entire home is a problem. While it might eventually hit your desired temperature, it’s working harder to do so, adding to your energy costs and lowering the lifespan of your unit.