Community Involvement

As a local family-owned and operated business, our community is very important to us here at G.F. Bowman, Inc. That’s why we work with a number of organizations, both local and national, to improve the lives of our neighbors.

G.F. Bowman, Inc. supports organizations such as Power Packs PA, Wounded Warrior Project, American Heart Association, and a number of local sports teams.

Power Packs PA

Power Packs is a local non-profit organization that “aims to improve the mental and physical health of children by helping their parents provide nutritious meals over weekends when school breakfast and lunch programs are unavailable to them.” They currently partner with 5 of the 6 school districts in Lebanon County to educate families about food insecurity and provide low-cost recipes and ingredients for participating families to make $5 meals at home.

Wounded Warrior Project

Wounded Warrior Project is a national non-profit organization committed to helping those dealing with PTSD. They provide warriors (defined on their website as “Veterans and service members who incurred a physical or mental injury, illness, or wound while serving in the military on or after September 11, 2001”) with resources to help them on their journey to a happier and healthier life, at no cost to military families. We proudly support the Wounded Warrior Project’s efforts to help veterans and their families as they transition from military to civilian life.

American Heart Association

With more than 33 million volunteers and supporters nationwide, the American Heart Association is the largest and longest-running organization dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke. Since its inception in 1924, they have raised over $4.1 billion for research to help take down the number one killer worldwide- heart disease. We proudly support AHA’s vision of a world free from cardiovascular disease and stroke.