The Clever Tools Used by Technicians When Fixing Your HVAC

Learn More About HVAC Tools and What They Do

HVAC systems are complicated and require specific knowledge to ensure the job gets done effectively. Not all technicians are created equal. Some are more trained in installation while others work better on HVAC mechanics. There are also technicians that work specifically with AC. When calling in a professional, you want to make sure you are giving them all the information they need so you know you are getting the right technician for the job.

In today’s world, everyone has an HVAC system in their home and office. Because of this, HVAC technicians will continue to be in high demand. There are some things you just don’t want to try on your own no matter how many tools you have, and working on your HVAC system is one of those things. Continue reading to learn more in-depth of the specific tools needed for the job and what these tools do.

The Back Pocket Tools

Every technician will always show up with at least a hammer, screwdriver, a set of pliers, tape measure, wire strippers, a pipe wrench and most likely a step ladder too. The use of the screwdriver and hammer may be pretty obvious, but as for the pliers and wire strippers, their use may not be as well known.

essential tools

They both perform similar jobs though, the pliers are used to cut through wire, while the wire strippers are used to strip wire and reconnect wire nuts. Nothing too shocking there. These are many essential tools people may have already lying in their garage.

Tools for Specific HVAC Jobs

specialized toolsThere are also numerous other tools that are used throughout the typical day of an HVAC technician. Many of these tools you won’t necessarily find in your garage, as they really serve no purpose other than helping a technician out with his job.

A cordless drill, Sawzall, tube cutters and extension cord are used in other professions as well, but HVAC technicians use them almost on a daily basis. Cordless power drills come in handy because they are mobile and can be taken into small places like attics.

That said, things like a multimeter, thermometer, and manifold gauge are all pieces of equipment your HVAC technician may use to ensure things like safety from being electrocuted, determining if leaks are present and if a piece of equipment is working properly. All of which are necessary tools to make sure your HVAC system is working properly and safely.

Safety First

Above all else, safety always comes first. It is important for all HVAC technicians to wear slip-resistant shoes for any job. This is because the chances of walking into a job with a leak are high and slippery floors are dangerous. When working with air equipment such as an HVAC system, the technician must also always have a respirator handy.

safety precaution

You never know when you could walk into a job where you are required to breathe in harsh air. In order to ensure a long career and breathability, respirators are a must. And these are just a couple of the safety precaution tools that technicians must handle.

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