New Year, Time for New Ducts

Install New Ductwork or Replace Your Air Ducts To Start the Year Right

Homeowners don't often think about their ducts. They may think about them when they're in the attic trying to step over the ductwork without falling through the ceiling. Otherwise, it's an "out of sight, out of mind" kind of thing. Unfortunately, this often means that homeowners are throwing away money or living with less-than-clean air. Luckily, homeowners can look for some telltale signs when deciding if they should replace the air ducts in their home. 

Limited Airflow

Ducts have one main job: to transfer warm or cold air throughout the house to control the temperature. This is no problem for new ducts. But once ducts are over a decade old, they can start to get a little long in the tooth. Things are more likely to start happening, like poor airflow. This is generally due to a collapsed or split duct. 

bad smell

It's easy to tell when airflow is limited because certain parts of the house will be at a different temperature than the rest of the house. In the winter, the section with limited airflow will be cold. In the summer, it will be warm. Not only does this make things uncomfortable for the people who live there, but it also causes the heater or AC to work overtime to get that area to the right temperature. This can cause an HVAC system to start having issues that could otherwise be avoided. 

Odors, Mold, and Other Pollutants


When ducts start failing or are too old, they can harm the home's air quality. Since ductwork hangs out in the attic, the basement, or walls, it can gather dust and mold and transfer it throughout the house. This is especially true if there is a gap in the ductwork somewhere. The air flows through, picking up small airborne pollutants that can either gum up the filter or make it into the house and into the unsuspecting lungs. 

This is bothersome for healthy people, but it can pose serious health risks for the elderly or the very young. Not to mention that a blocked up filter can cause the HVAC system to work hard to push air through. This is why new ducts mean cleaner air. 

Home Expansions

When working on a home expansion, it's important to install new ductwork correctly. Unfortunately, this isn't just about connected old ducts to the new ones for the expansion. It's about determining if the current HVAC system will have the capacity and power to push air into the home's new portion. 

This is why many homeowners prefer to bring in professionals to install all new ductwork when adding an extension to the house. HVAC techs can ensure that the ducts are installed in the right place and that the system can handle the new workload. 

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