April is Earth Month, So Consider Ways to Be Ecologically Friendly With Plumbing

Celebrate Earth Day with These Tips for being more “Green”

Most people want to have ecologically sound habits, but many are under the mistaken impression that being eco-friendly means extra expense. Striving for a home that conserves water and is energy efficient can save the household a good deal of money. There are many options for reducing water and electricity usage on the market today. 

This article will discuss a few ways a home’s plumbing system can be made more friendly to the planet.

Efficient Water Conserving Fixtures

toilet There are several ways to decrease water usage in a home easily. While having members of a  household who are mindful of their water usage is the first step, several modern fixtures can assist with this endeavor. Several types of toilets, faucets, and washers can help in a homeowner’s quest to save the earth.
  • Pressure-Assisted Toilets: These toilets use less water by delivering it at a higher pressure and assisting with the flush. They are perfect for a guest bath or powder room.
  •  Dual Flush Toilets:  These toilets have a flush that uses approximately half the usual amount of water for one flush and has a flush to take care of, ahem, larger problems.
  • Touch Faucets: While this may seem like an innovation of convenience, this is an ecologically sound method of saving water. The faucets that touch on and off use only the precise amount of water necessary, and one does not lose a little bit every time they turn off the tap.
  • Smart Washing Machines: These washers use only the amount of water necessary for a load of laundry by using sensors that measure the weight. This prevents water waste and saves money by using less detergent.
water heater

Energy-Saving Water Heaters

Energy and water conservation don’t always converge, but it is in appliances like water heaters and the washers mentioned above when they do.  Water heaters have been around for a long time, but technology continues to improve to make them more efficient. 

One of the more recent developments in the tankless water heater or instant water heater. These highly efficient units save energy because they heat the water quickly as it goes through a short series of pipes, not by heating a large tank of water and maintaining that temperature which takes quite a bit of energy.

Does A Pipe’s Material Make a Difference?

When it comes to the maze of pipes that course the water around a home, the material that composes those pipes can be a pretty big deal for water and energy conservation.  Listed below are four types of pipes and their benefits:

  • Copper: Durable, great for hot water, recyclable, 50-year lifespan.
  • PVC: Inexpensive, easy to install, can be used for water supply mains, indefinite lifespan unless damaged
  • CPVC: Strong and somewhat flexible, good for hot water delivery, good for indoor use, and not subject to corrosion
  • PEX: Flexible and easy to install, good for hot water delivery and indoor use, not subject to corrosion

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Tips for National Wellness Month and Gas Safety

How Homeowners Can Protect Themselves and Their Homes From Deadly Gas Leaks

August is National Wellness Month, which means that it’s time to focus on all aspects of wellness. This includes both mental and physical health for everyone in the household. And since it’s National Wellness Month, there’s no better time to brush up on gas safety. Gas leaks are incredibly dangerous, and they’re made doubly so when homeowners don’t know the signs and the steps to take when they experience a gas leak in their home. This article will cover signs of a leak, what to do about a gas leak, and discuss leak detection services. 

Warning Signs of a Gas Leak

Various warning signs can clue homeowners into the fact that they have a gas leak. Gas companies add a harmless chemical to natural gas that gives the otherwise odorless gas a foul smell similar to sulfur or rotten eggs. This is one telltale sign that there’s a leak. Other signs include a hissing sound or a cloud of white dust near a gas appliance or fixture. Dead houseplants can also indicate a gas leak.

There are also some physical signs that there’s a gas leak. People often feel nauseous, tired, and ill when there’s a gas leak in the home. They may also feel dizzy, drowsy, and develop a headache. Gas leaks can also cause pain in the chest, trouble breathing, throat and eye irritation, and blistering of the skin. Pets may also act strange, showing a loss of appetite, dizziness, and changes in normal behavior. 

What To Do About a Gas Leakon the phone

Homeowners that determine without question that they have a gas leak should immediately evacuate all people and pets from the home. This is the most important thing to do because staying in the house can cause serious injury or death. It’s also a good idea to leave a couple of doors or windows open to air out the gas to prevent the possibility of an explosion. Once outside, they should call emergency services and the gas company to have the gas shut off and a gas leak detection service. 

If there’s only a suspected gas leak, it’s a good idea to open windows to see if any of the signs and symptoms above dissipate as the home is aired out. If they do, or if those in the home can leave the home and feel better, then there’s most likely a gas leak. In this case, they should follow the evacuation instructions above. In cases of a gas leak, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If multiple people exhibit the symptoms listed above, it’s best to get everyone out of the home.  

How Does Professional Gas Leak Detection Work?plumber

Homeowners that suspect or know that they have a gas leak should always consult a professional leak detection service. Even if they know where the leak is, one leaking line usually means that other leaks are likely. This is why it’s important to use a professional company. Not only does it give homeowners peace of mind, but it allows them to make sure that everything is safe and secure. 

Gas leaks can happen for any number of reasons. Gas lines, like plumbing lines, require care and maintenance for safety and prevention. And having a professional plumbing company inspect the gas lines and find leaks is the best way to ensure that the home is safe from unexpected gas leaks. 

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