Top Self-Care Tips That Make for a Relaxing Valentine's Day!

Turn the Regular Old Bathroom Into a Home Day Spa!

Valentine’s Day is here, and there’s no better excuse to enjoy a relaxing day at home. And while sitting on the couch is all fine and good for relaxing, this holiday calls for something a little more unique. Luckily, homeowners have plenty of options to turn their regular old bathroom into their very own relaxing day spa. From enjoying a nice beneficial bath to adding a little flair to the room, this article will give homeowners the tips they need to make this Valentine’s Day a great day for relaxing. 

Benefits of Bathsbenefits

There are plenty of proven benefits that come along with bath-time, making them a favorite for some self-care time alone. They can improve mood, helping feelings of anxiety and depression melt away. There’s something about the combination of quiet, solitude, and the comforting embrace of warm water that does the trick. Another benefit is triggered when taking a bath before bedtime. A warm bath at night can help the body’s melatonin production, helping people get to sleep quicker and easier. 

Some studies even suggest that regular baths can help reduce blood pressure. They improve circulation and help relax muscles, which can help homeowners relax after a weary day (or week). Baths can also soothe irritated skin, along with easing those sore muscles. And anyone who has ever added bath salts or oils to the bath for aromatherapy knows how relaxing and rejuvenating pleasant smells can be. 

Adding Some Color to Bath Time

In addition to the built-in benefits of bath time, there are things that homeowners can do to enhance the relaxing experience. And one of those things is the strategic use of lights to enhance mood, relaxation, and generally make for a more enjoyable experience. The use of lights in this way is called chromotherapy, and studies show it works to enhance mood! 

Installing LED lights into the bathroom — especially above the bathtub — can add this extra beneficial dimension and turn the bathroom into a day spa. There are even bathtubs on the market with built-in chromotherapy lights. So those homeowners in the market for a new bathtub may want to consider one of these magical, mood-enhancing tubs. 

showerRain Showers Are All The Rage

Homeowners who like taking showers more than baths don’t have to forego the relaxing spa feel. Rain shower heads are becoming more and more popular. These showerheads use gravity instead of water pressure to create a pleasant bathing experience. And some of them even come with built-in LED lights! Homeowners who want to listen to relaxing music while they bathe can get a rain shower head with built-in speakers. This way, every shower becomes a relaxing and rejuvenating experience!

Whether looking for a new bathtub, a new shower head, or simply some bathroom upgrades, homeowners have the help they need with local plumbers. They can help with selection and installation to help turn the bathroom into a day spa in no time. 

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