Bring Halloween Together With These Bathroom Decorating Ideas!

Turn the Bathroom into a Spooky Surprise Guests Will Love!

Decorating the home for Halloween is one of the best parts of the season. Many homeowners love to get in the spirits of the season with interior and exterior decorations! However, some homes skip over the bathroom or don’t spend as much time decorating it. Rather, they put a spooky scented candle in the room and call it a day. Of course, it is crucial that homeowners also make sure their bathroom plumbing is ready for all the guests this season with fall maintenance! Still, here are some truly great Halloween bathroom decorating ideas for everyone to enjoy! 

Don’t Leave the Toilet Out of the Fun! toilet

Depending on the level of scary homeowners are trying to go for, there are many different things they can do to decorate their toilet this Halloween. 

Some homeowners dress the back of their toilet up to look like Freddy Krueger or some other horror movie character. There are also cockroach wall decals homeowners can place on the walls and toilet to make it look like cockroaches are going into or crawling out of the toilet. 

There are also Halloween-themed stickers, and vinyl homeowners can buy to decorate their toilets. They come in all different styles for homeowners to choose from as well. They could even try decorating the toilet roll holder to make it look like a pair of hands is holding the toilet paper up. 

Showers Can Be Spooky Too!shower

One of the hottest bathroom decor items this Halloween season is a shower mat. This specific type of shower mat the homeowner places just outside the shower so when the person steps out with their wet feet, the water shows up red on the white mat. It makes it look like the person is dripping blood everywhere when it’s just water. 

Alongside this horror decoration masterpiece, here are a few other ideas to decorate the shower: 

  • Bloody weapon and cut off feet and hand garlands to hang in the shower
  • Custom shower curtains to look like almost anything
  • If homeowners are having a party, they can create a “body bag” by filling a trash bag and wrapping it with rope to look like a person is inside, and then place that inside the bathtub
  • Bloody handprint wall decals

Cryptic Mirror Messages and Other Accessories

Bathrooms are always better with a few candles as well! There are spooky-themed candle scents for Halloween, but the long candlestick candles are a great visual. There are tons of fun Halloween-themed accessories for homeowners to choose from, including soap dispensers, shower curtain holders, and toothbrush holders. There are even Halloween-themed shower caddies! 

Another fun way homeowners can decorate and scare guests is to write cryptic messages on the mirror. The fun doesn’t stop there, though. Homeowners come up with new and creative ways to decorate every year. These are just some of the fun ideas out there! 

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