Heater Troubles? Don't Turn to DIY Tricks

These DIY Pitfalls Could Make a Small Inconvenience into a Huge Issue 

When faced with a heater problem in the digital age, it's so easy to punch the problem into Google and go from there. But actually, if one doesn't have specialized knowledge of heaters and how they work, a seemingly easy fix can turn into a huge problem. 

If one notices that their heater, furnace, or another appliance isn't working properly, they should contact a professional heating technician. Their years of experience and insight can address the problem without endangering the home's integrity. 

Here are some reasons to consider professional help.

One Could Misdiagnose the Issue

Misdiagnosing an appliance's problem can create two issues: 

  • The initial problem goes unaddressed: Some problems need immediate attention – or else they risk endangering both the home and its residents. Consider this scenario. Suppose that one uses a boiler that converts water into steam to heat the home. Yet, one of the pipes might be frozen. If left unaddressed, the pipe could burst, leading to flooding damage, mold growth, and inconvenience. 
  • The DIY measures are done incorrectly: One may perform the repairs incorrectly in trying to fix the problem. For instance, they might strip a bolt, making it difficult to remove, or they can accidentally sever a wire. This can create problems upon problems. 

Heating professionals require years of training to get certified. When a heating professional inspects a home's heater for problems, they will apply the latest techniques to correct the issue. One can rest assured that they will employ repairs based on research––and not what a random person on Google suggested. 

The DIY Repair Could Take Much Longer Than Expected 

tools When the home's heater stops working, residents want the issue fixed as quickly as possible. Yet, DIY heater repair measures could take a simple fix into a day-long endeavor. Consider this scenario. 
  • A heater isn't functioning properly because of a leaking pipe. 
  • A homeowner identifies the leak as being caused by a loose nut.
  • The homeowner goes to the store and gets a wrench to tighten the nut. 
  • The wrench isn't the right size and strips the bolt. 
  • The homeowner goes back to the hardware store and gets another wrench. 
  • The nut is stripped, however, making tightening impossible. 

Now, the system needs more extensive repairs than it initially required––and while this is all happening, the home's temperature is dropping. When a furnace repair technician steps onto a scene, they have all the tools to get the job done. What's more, they can easily identify a problem and work on it as soon as possible. 



Homeowners’ Insurance Does Not Cover DIY-Related Issues

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department notes that while homeowners don't have to have insurance, most banks and lenders will require insurance before they issue a loan. A homeowner’s insurance usually applies to "covered perils," like snowstorms and other natural disasters. 

Homeowner's insurance does not cover issues arising from a homeowner's negligence – including faulty DIY repairs. This could lead to one paying hundreds of dollars out of pocket to remedy a once easy fix. 

About G.F. Bowman Inc. 

G.F. Bowman, Inc. takes a firm stance against DIY repair methods for one reason; it compromises a furnace's safety. They are a family-owned and operated business that provides honest, reliable services to those living in both Cleona and Harrisburg, PA. Call today for expert heater repair services in Harrisburg, PA