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Reasons To Avoid DIY Plumbing Repairs

Three Dangers of DIY Plumbing Solutions 

Not just anyone can be a plumber. Getting licensed, bonded, and certified takes years of training. It also requires apprenticeships, maintaining a high standard of service, and abiding by Pennsylvania laws. It could take more than two years for someone to call themselves a plumber and market their skills. 

But why do plumbers need this level of training? That’s because a lot can go wrong at the hands of an unskilled professional. If homeowners try to fix their home’s plumbing problems without specialized knowledge, they risk: 

Misdiagnosing the Problem 

Imagine this scenario. A homeowner suspects that they have a clog in their bathroom sink, and that’s what’s causing low water pressure. They turn off the water main, disassemble the sink’s pipes, and remove what they think is the clog. However, when they turn the faucet back on, the water pressure still isn’t great. What went wrong? 

There are other reasons for low water pressure besides clogs. For instance, it could be a problem with the city’s plumbing system, not the home’s, or it could indicate a leak buried under the home’s foundation. Without consulting a professional, not only has the homeowner wasted valuable time, but they might have improperly reassembled the sink’s pipes, leading to future problems. 

If homeowners aren’t 100 percent sure what a plumbing issue is, they should stay far away from DIY plumbing repairs. Instead, they should reach out to a trained professional. 



Wasting Time 

Plumbers rely on their specialized training and experience to promptly address problems. They don’t spend hours and hours googling solutions or watching YouTube videos. They get to the source of the problem quickly to help the next homeowner. 

Yet, wasted time isn’t the only concern for DIY plumbing work. Some plumbing problems can pose a threat to homeowners’ safety. For instance, mold and mildew can grow inside drainpipes, endangering overall health. Healthline notes that if someone ingests certain types of mold, they can suffer allergy-like symptoms and other health ailments. 

Again, this makes consulting a professional crucial when faced with a plumbing problem. They can quickly address any issues using specialized tools while limiting harm to others’ health. 


Losing Money cost

Here’s another scenario to consider. A homeowner has a leaking pipe. They go to the hardware store, get a pipe, then realize they have the wrong part. They go back to the store and get the right pipe. They get home and notice they don’t have the right tools. Again, they return to the hardware store, get a tool kit, and then, surprise, surprise, they get home and don’t have the one tool they need. 

This scenario isn’t just frustrating. It also wastes money. Mistakes, frequent runs to the hardware store, and possible damage could cost more than hiring a professional. An experienced plumber won’t rely on trial-and-error measures to get jobs done. They’ll know exactly what to do when faced with an issue and have the skill set to fix it. 

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