Winter Is on Its Way! Is Your Boiler Ready?

How Boiler Service Can Keep Your Home Cozy in Winter

Now that the temperatures outside are getting lower, many homeowners wonder how their heating system works. Is it operating at max efficiency? Is it keeping the house warm enough? An expert boiler repair service can help answer these questions.

A boiler consists of a system of lines, taps, and radiators, sometimes built into the floors of homes. Hot water is pumped through the system. It is then recycled, reheated, and run back through the system. This intricate system needs regular boiler maintenance and service to ensure proper functioning so that homeowners don’t find themselves left out in the cold this winter!

The Pros of Boiler Installation and Systems

A boiler system is a good choice for any home size. With pros like control over which areas should be heated, plus the lower maintenance needs, there are many reasons to schedule boiler installation this year! When compared to forced air heat, a few other benefits of boilers are: 

  • Radiant heat is more comfortable, consistent, and evenly distributed throughout the home
  • Better indoor air quality - no dust, allergens, or other particles being circulated through the ductwork or home
  • Quieter than forced-air systems
  • Less expensive to run
  • No filters to change!

A trained boiler maintenance technician can make the best recommendation on the type of boiler and radiant heat system that will work for any home.

A Common Problem That May Require Boiler Maintenanceboiler

The first serious issue that could arise with a boiler is a pesky leak. Small parts to a boiler, like valves and seals, will degrade and wear down. Sometimes the damaged valve or seal is simply caused by usage and the passing of time. These little internal parts can cause big problems though!

A leak that has developed around the system’s pipes could be caused by corrosion. There could also be an issue with how the system is installed. More serious leaks and damage to seals may require a new boiler altogether. Only a boiler installer can provide this service, so it is advised that a trained engineer help identify and fix any issues right away. 

Tips to Keep a Boiler Running More Efficiently tips

Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency! It’s a hot topic for heating systems, no pun intended. If homeowners want to keep bills low and extend the life of a unit, efficiency is key. A few ideas for keeping a boiler in tip-top shape and maximizing performance are shared below.

“Bleed” the radiators. While this sounds scary, it’s pretty simple and will release air that’s become stuck in the pipes. The result of this release will increase the heating efficiency of the system. What this all means is better heating and lower bills!

Control the temperature. Simply turning the thermostat down by only one degree can provide savings each month. Try setting the thermostat at the lowest comfortable temperature.

Schedule boiler service. Regular boiler maintenance is the ultimate way to ensure a boiler operates effectively while prolonging the life of a heating system.

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