The Ins And Outs Of Home Foundation Leak Detection

Why Is Home Foundation Leak Detection Needed?

It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that pipe leaks can’t happen in a home built on a concrete slab because the piping is protected by a layer of concrete. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Despite pipes being buried under the house, there are some things that can still cause them to leak. Usually, these problems can be traced back to improper installation or aging pipes, since even the best methods and materials can fail after decades. 

When slab leaks happen, it is of the utmost importance that they are repaired as soon as possible. While it may seem too costly or invasive to have the slab chipped up and repaired, it is essential to get it done. Having home foundation leak detection performed will help pinpoint the exact location of the leak and ensure that repairs can be minimally invasive and, therefore, less expensive. 

Detecting Home Foundation Leakscracked concrete slab

A good plumber will know the tell-tale signs of slab leaks before he gets out the high tech equipment. If a slab leak is suspected, some of the signs to look for include:

  • Wet carpet
  • Soggy lawn
  • Buckled laminate flooring
  • Musty odors
  • Moldy walls and baseboards
  • Unusually high water bills 

A plumber will likely search the house for these signs before bringing in leak detection equipment. Doing so will allow them to confirm that there is a leak and give them an idea of how serious it is. 

A Plumber’s Leak Detection ToolsMan Working on Valves

Once the plumber is sure there is a leak, they will break out the home foundation leak detection equipment. Leak detection equipment consists of a very sensitive microphone that can hear ultrasonic noise. Even slow leaks emit ultrasonic noise that can be picked up by the specialized microphone. 

By scanning the home’s pipes with this microphone, the plumber will be able to locate precisely where the leak is. Knowing the exact location of the leak is critical to keeping the repair bills low since holes will have to be opened up in the concrete subfloors. The smaller the hole, the less restoration work will have to be done once the leak is fixed. 

Costs Of Leak Detection And RepairVisual Representations of Time and Money

While creating holes in a house’s foundation and repairing a pipe may sound expensive, it is nowhere near as expensive as allowing a leak to continue. A leak continues to cost money on monthly water bills, but the damage that a leak can do is also extensive. Excess moisture from a leak that seeps up through the concrete can ruin floors and cause water and mold to damage the walls and paneling. By working with a trustworthy plumber with the right equipment, Harrisburg homeowners can keep repair bills lower and limit the repair job’s invasiveness. 

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