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Three Plumbing Issues That Can Put a Damper on Summer Fun

Plumbing Issues Can Hamper Summer Fun

Outdoor barbecues, backyard volleyball, and a whole lot of get-togethers are just some of the many fun activities that homeowners and their families are gearing up for this summer. With lasting warm weather on the horizon and the sun soon shining bright, there is every reason to smile. But not if homeowners have to deal with the headaches of home plumbing issues!

Several different plumbing issues can wreak havoc for homeowners, and these can hamper the summer fun. Homeowners must understand the common issues to look out for to identify any problems early on, seek professional help to address the issues immediately, and keep the party going!


Broken Sprinklers

Broken sprinkler systems are the first major issue to watch out for. Often, debris can get stuck in the sprinkler valves that sit above-ground. Typically, when sprinkler systems turn on, these valves spray water that has traveled underground. But if debris is stuck, then these valves cannot properly move up and down, which throws off the whole system.

As for other sprinkler issues, so many other problems have to do with damage to this underground structure. First, the sprinkler lines can break due to pressure from the surrounding soil or other causes like tree roots. In severe cases, there may also be burst pipes that result from colder weather conditions.

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Faulty Hose Bibs

In addition to the sprinkler system, homeowners need to watch out for their hose bibs. These hose bibs connect a hose to a water source – they are essentially “outdoor faucets.” Often, hose bibs connect directly to the side of the house.

Many different issues can result from the hose bibs, such as structural damage to the bib itself, water leaks or puddling in or around the hose bib area, debris buildups, or rusting strange sounds during use. All of these may be signs that there is a faulty hose bib.

So why exactly do these issues matter? Well, if not addressed early enough, homeowners may end up having a bigger problem on their hands. Since the hose bibs often connect to the side of the home, continued leaking can potentially lead to cracks or other sorts of damage to the home foundation. This is definitely a no-no that homeowners will want to avoid at all costs!

Worst of All: Sewer Line Issues

Homeowners must beware of sewer line issues, as these can be extremely unpleasant and hugely problematic. Sewer line issues can occur for all different reasons, including corrosion or backups in the pipes, tree root issues, or drastic fluctuations in temperatures.

There can be other downstream issues like draining problems, water flow issues in plumbing fixtures, highly foul odors, and more when there is damage to the sewer lines. Homeowners must watch out for these signs and call for immediate help should they suspect issues with their sewer lines. Failure to do so will most certainly hamper the summer fun!

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