Turn Your Central Heater Green This St. Patrick's Day

Make Your Home More Green This St. Patrick’s Day

It’s easy to go green just in time for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations - and it’s not just about putting on green clothing. Many will find that creating a more eco-friendly heating system at home is just as easy as donning a green shirt this St. Patrick’s Day. Here are three simple ways to make the heating system more energy efficient and environmentally friendly during this season of green.

Use the Ceiling Fans

fanIt may seem counterintuitive to turn on the ceiling fan (or any fan, for that matter) during the winter season. However, a ceiling fan can actually help heat a room more efficiently than without it. The secret is ensuring the fan is spinning in the right direction. During summer, fans must be set to turn counterclockwise. This creates a downdraft that pushes cool air down to the room’s occupants, helping keep them cool. 

During the colder months, a simple flip of the switch will change the direction of the fan blades, allowing them to spin clockwise and creating the opposite effect - an updraft, which takes the cool air up and pushes the warm air down. Utilizing a room’s ceiling fans like this is a smart yet simple way of circulating the air in the room and allowing the heater to take a break.

Change Air Filters Regularly

Air filters are critical to a home’s central heating and cooling system. Its primary role is to remove dust, small debris, and other particles in the air before the air enters the system. This is important because, by filtering particles, air filters help to improve indoor air quality. 

However, if air filters aren’t changed regularly, indoor air quality will suffer, and it can affect the system’s performance and efficiency and raise energy bills. Dirty air filters that haven’t been changed on time will have a build-up of debris blocking the flow of air from the HVAC system, causing the airflow to slow down and the system to run inefficiently. Homeowners should change air filters at least every three months to keep the heating and cooling system running efficiently. 

Wise Up With a Smart Thermostat

thermostatTechnology has made life easier, and its impact on home heating and cooling is just as significant. With the advent of the smart thermostat, the process of heating most homes is now easier, more flexible, more energy efficient, and more data-driven. Smart thermostats have many different settings to choose from, and there is a greater ability to customize and program the heating system to run according to the needs of each household.

Smart thermostats are also accessible remotely from smartphones, allowing homeowners to control the settings even when they are away for long periods. With the ability to keep track of energy usage and many other data points, smart thermostats can give homeowners a more detailed picture of how to maximize their energy savings and lower the cost of their energy bills. These features allow homeowners to create greater energy efficiency at home and get significant savings on their energy bills annually. 

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