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How To Know If A Faulty Water Heater Is Affecting Your Home

Is a Faulty Water Heater Affecting Your Home?

Water heaters, tankless water heaters, and storage tank water heaters are an integral part of life as you know it. Not only do they supply hot water for you to shower with, but they also supply hot water to modern-day appliances like your dishwasher and washing machine. Can you imagine the wrench that would be thrown in your day if you got up late only to realize you have no hot water to shower with before work? A day when your water heater issues are big enough to mess with your entire day.

Or it breaks down the day you volunteered to wash your kid’s white little league team uniforms? You don’t have to wait for cold water to come out of the tap instead of hot to know your water heater is failing or broken. Luckily there are some signs you can watch out for. Below you’ll find information that will allow you to investigate your water heater.

A Noisy Water Heater Is A Red Flag

noisy water heaterWater heaters are made of metal and as it gets older, sediment from the water will settle on the bottom of your water heater. As the water heater heats the water over and over, it causes the sediment to harden.

The noise you hear is caused by this hardened sediment clanking around the bottom of the tank. Not only does this cause the water heater to heat less efficiently, using more gas or electricity, but it also causes further damage to the tank itself.

The more often the heating element has to heat the water, the faster the metal tank wears down. This can cause small cracks or holes. As the hardened sediment hits the inside of the tank, it can also cause small leaks so make sure to watch out for water heater noises.

Colored Water Is Cause For Concern

If your hot tap water is no longer clear and your cold water is, it’s time to inspect your water heater. As sediment settles on the bottom of your tank as it ages, it can cause water to be dirty and thus tainted. Since your water heater is made of metal, it’s also possible that the inside of an older tank has started to rust.

colored water

Your hot water may look slightly discolored, cloudy, or even rusty in color. It’s important to address this sooner than later before any of your appliances or water pumps are affected. Don’t freak out just yet though. It’s best to call in a professional before swapping out your tank. Old metal pipes can also cause some water discoloration and you’ll want to rule that out before buying a whole new water heater.

Metallic Water Signals The End Is Near For Your Water Heater

metallic waterOne of the biggest tell-tale signs of a failing water heater is metallic water. Just like when testing watercolor, you’ll want to make sure your cold water isn’t affected before there’s cause for alarm. If you notice a metallic smell or taste from your hot water, it’s likely that your aging water heater has tainted your water.

Since the tank is made of metal, small particles can easily make their way from the rusty tank walls, through your pipes, and out of your shower, sink, or appliances. This is important to notice sooner than later since ingesting metal residue on plates from the dishwasher, even in small amounts, is quite unhealthy.

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