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How Can Homeowners Fix Central HVAC Systems Themselves?

Essential Tips for Fix Your Central HVAC System

Does anyone want to deal with a troubled HVAC system in their home? Not only can this leave you with temperature control issues, which are never a good thing, but also it can require an extensive repair.

Even homeowners who have the skills to fix central HVAC systems in their own homes would prefer not to have to use them. However, knowing a few small fixes is important for any homeowner and can help them decide when to call in a professional.

Check the Condensate Drain Line For Ice

ice meltingThe first easy way a homeowner can fix central HVAC systems without having to contact a professional, especially when having issues in the cold, is by checking the condensate drain line for ice.

The condensate drain line is generally made out of plastic/PVC and is what takes excess water from the inside unit outside to drain. Ice in the line can happen when the refrigerant in the HVAC system leak into the drain line and eventually freezes along with the water when the temperatures begin to drop.

Not only can this be a mess and a safety danger, but it can also cause the system to stop running. In order to fix central HVAC drain line issues, use a hot water bottle. This will stop the line from heating up too fast and potentially cracking.

Just place the hot water bottle on the line. Homeowners can also use hand warmer packs instead in order to melt the ice. If neither of those is available to the homeowner, warm water can be poured on the drain line. However, this should just be warm and never hot or boiling as it can cause damage to the line.

Clean the Outdoor Unit, Don’t Fix Central HVAC Systems

If the homeowner is noticing any reduction in the efficiency of their HVAC system, especially in the summer, a great place to start is with the outdoor unit. This area of the system can be easily forgotten, especially because it isn’t often in most homeowner’s direct line of sight.

cleaning hvac

That doesn’t mean that this way to fix central HVAC should be ignored, though. The unit needs to be regularly inspected to make sure that it is not clogged with dirt and debris, and that all landscaping remains clear of the vents. If there are no regular cleanings of the condenser, it can run much less efficiently or even stop running entirely.

Don’t Fix Central HVAC Systems, Do Routine Maintenance Instead

schedulingWhile it is great to know how to fix central HVAC systems themselves, it is even more important to avoid needing to know how to perform them. The best way to do this is for homeowners to make sure to have regular technical maintenance performed by a trained professional.

Preventative maintenance for a central HVAC system includes checking the entire system for leaks or cracks, inspecting and changing the air filter, cleaning the outside air compressor, and checking the ductwork.

Instead of needing to fix central HVAC systems, the HVAC technician can suggest smaller services like duct cleaning to keep the system running as smoothly and efficiently as possible for as long as it can. Ultimately, having preventative maintenance performed saves time, money, and frustration over the life of the system.

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