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How to Prevent a Burst Pipe Flood at Home

Do You Know What to Do With a Burst Pipe?

A pipe bursting in your home isn’t as simple as a damaged wall and a sprinkle of water. While this may be the best possible outcome, it isn’t the likely one. You may be wondering, “What happens when a pipe bursts?” The answers can range, but usually, your floors will be damaged by a large amount of water or entire rooms could be ruined, all ending with an extensive restoration bill that insurance may or may not completely cover. Burst pipe repair can be difficult to deal with, but preventing it isn’t terribly difficult.

Let’s go over a few ways to stop this plumbing emergency from ever happening!

What Do You Do When Your Water Stops Running?

what  G.F BowmanIf your water has stopped running properly, it could be a sign that your pipes are clogged. These stoppages can vary from leaves and debris to icicles that form in the cold.

Most pipes are not easily accessible. Or, in many cases, simply can’t be found. Regardless, at this point, it turns into a job for a professional.

Calling a plumber quickly may cost you unexpectedly, but it’s much less compared to what will be spent on a burst pipe repair.

Do Not Run Pipes Along Exterior Walls

do not bowmanWhen remodeling, you want your home to look its absolute best. This is completely understandable! Finding places to hide pipes and electrical wiring can prove to be difficult.

Oftentimes people think it’s okay to run pipes along exterior walls but this is asking for disaster.
Running pipes along those walls expose them to the elements--especially in extreme temperatures.

Pipes Can Still Burst

cost G.F BowmanEven with all of your hard work, research, and efforts to prevent problems with your pipes and plumbing, it can still happen (rarely of course).

However, sometimes pipes can burst for other reasons, including age. If you’re always worried about your plumbing, consider having a plumber out to inspect it.

Paying for an inspection and any minor repairs will give you some peace of mind. So make sure to get it done before a costly repiping happens.

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