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Reasons To Avoid DIY Plumbing Repairs

Three Dangers of DIY Plumbing Solutions 

Not just anyone can be a plumber. Getting licensed, bonded, and certified takes years of training. It also requires apprenticeships, maintaining a high standard of service, and abiding by Pennsylvania laws. It could take more than two years for someone to call themselves a plumber and market their skills. 

But why do plumbers need this level of training? That’s because a lot can go wrong at the hands of an unskilled professional. If homeowners try to fix their home’s plumbing problems without specialized knowledge, they risk: 

Misdiagnosing the Problem 

Imagine this scenario. A homeowner suspects that they have a clog in their bathroom sink, and that’s what’s causing low water pressure. They turn off the water main, disassemble the sink’s pipes, and remove what they think is the clog. However, when they turn the faucet back on, the water pressure still isn’t great. What went wrong? 

There are other reasons for low water pressure besides clogs. For instance, it could be a problem with the city’s plumbing system, not the home’s, or it could indicate a leak buried under the home’s foundation. Without consulting a professional, not only has the homeowner wasted valuable time, but they might have improperly reassembled the sink’s pipes, leading to future problems. 

If homeowners aren’t 100 percent sure what a plumbing issue is, they should stay far away from DIY plumbing repairs. Instead, they should reach out to a trained professional. 



Wasting Time 

Plumbers rely on their specialized training and experience to promptly address problems. They don’t spend hours and hours googling solutions or watching YouTube videos. They get to the source of the problem quickly to help the next homeowner. 

Yet, wasted time isn’t the only concern for DIY plumbing work. Some plumbing problems can pose a threat to homeowners’ safety. For instance, mold and mildew can grow inside drainpipes, endangering overall health. Healthline notes that if someone ingests certain types of mold, they can suffer allergy-like symptoms and other health ailments. 

Again, this makes consulting a professional crucial when faced with a plumbing problem. They can quickly address any issues using specialized tools while limiting harm to others’ health. 


Losing Money cost

Here’s another scenario to consider. A homeowner has a leaking pipe. They go to the hardware store, get a pipe, then realize they have the wrong part. They go back to the store and get the right pipe. They get home and notice they don’t have the right tools. Again, they return to the hardware store, get a tool kit, and then, surprise, surprise, they get home and don’t have the one tool they need. 

This scenario isn’t just frustrating. It also wastes money. Mistakes, frequent runs to the hardware store, and possible damage could cost more than hiring a professional. An experienced plumber won’t rely on trial-and-error measures to get jobs done. They’ll know exactly what to do when faced with an issue and have the skill set to fix it. 

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April is Earth Month, So Consider Ways to Be Ecologically Friendly With Plumbing

Celebrate Earth Day with These Tips for being more “Green”

Most people want to have ecologically sound habits, but many are under the mistaken impression that being eco-friendly means extra expense. Striving for a home that conserves water and is energy efficient can save the household a good deal of money. There are many options for reducing water and electricity usage on the market today. 

This article will discuss a few ways a home’s plumbing system can be made more friendly to the planet.

Efficient Water Conserving Fixtures

toilet There are several ways to decrease water usage in a home easily. While having members of a  household who are mindful of their water usage is the first step, several modern fixtures can assist with this endeavor. Several types of toilets, faucets, and washers can help in a homeowner’s quest to save the earth.
  • Pressure-Assisted Toilets: These toilets use less water by delivering it at a higher pressure and assisting with the flush. They are perfect for a guest bath or powder room.
  •  Dual Flush Toilets:  These toilets have a flush that uses approximately half the usual amount of water for one flush and has a flush to take care of, ahem, larger problems.
  • Touch Faucets: While this may seem like an innovation of convenience, this is an ecologically sound method of saving water. The faucets that touch on and off use only the precise amount of water necessary, and one does not lose a little bit every time they turn off the tap.
  • Smart Washing Machines: These washers use only the amount of water necessary for a load of laundry by using sensors that measure the weight. This prevents water waste and saves money by using less detergent.
water heater

Energy-Saving Water Heaters

Energy and water conservation don’t always converge, but it is in appliances like water heaters and the washers mentioned above when they do.  Water heaters have been around for a long time, but technology continues to improve to make them more efficient. 

One of the more recent developments in the tankless water heater or instant water heater. These highly efficient units save energy because they heat the water quickly as it goes through a short series of pipes, not by heating a large tank of water and maintaining that temperature which takes quite a bit of energy.

Does A Pipe’s Material Make a Difference?

When it comes to the maze of pipes that course the water around a home, the material that composes those pipes can be a pretty big deal for water and energy conservation.  Listed below are four types of pipes and their benefits:

  • Copper: Durable, great for hot water, recyclable, 50-year lifespan.
  • PVC: Inexpensive, easy to install, can be used for water supply mains, indefinite lifespan unless damaged
  • CPVC: Strong and somewhat flexible, good for hot water delivery, good for indoor use, and not subject to corrosion
  • PEX: Flexible and easy to install, good for hot water delivery and indoor use, not subject to corrosion

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Heater Troubles? Don't Turn to DIY Tricks

These DIY Pitfalls Could Make a Small Inconvenience into a Huge Issue 

When faced with a heater problem in the digital age, it's so easy to punch the problem into Google and go from there. But actually, if one doesn't have specialized knowledge of heaters and how they work, a seemingly easy fix can turn into a huge problem. 

If one notices that their heater, furnace, or another appliance isn't working properly, they should contact a professional heating technician. Their years of experience and insight can address the problem without endangering the home's integrity. 

Here are some reasons to consider professional help.

One Could Misdiagnose the Issue

Misdiagnosing an appliance's problem can create two issues: 

  • The initial problem goes unaddressed: Some problems need immediate attention – or else they risk endangering both the home and its residents. Consider this scenario. Suppose that one uses a boiler that converts water into steam to heat the home. Yet, one of the pipes might be frozen. If left unaddressed, the pipe could burst, leading to flooding damage, mold growth, and inconvenience. 
  • The DIY measures are done incorrectly: One may perform the repairs incorrectly in trying to fix the problem. For instance, they might strip a bolt, making it difficult to remove, or they can accidentally sever a wire. This can create problems upon problems. 

Heating professionals require years of training to get certified. When a heating professional inspects a home's heater for problems, they will apply the latest techniques to correct the issue. One can rest assured that they will employ repairs based on research––and not what a random person on Google suggested. 

The DIY Repair Could Take Much Longer Than Expected 

tools When the home's heater stops working, residents want the issue fixed as quickly as possible. Yet, DIY heater repair measures could take a simple fix into a day-long endeavor. Consider this scenario. 
  • A heater isn't functioning properly because of a leaking pipe. 
  • A homeowner identifies the leak as being caused by a loose nut.
  • The homeowner goes to the store and gets a wrench to tighten the nut. 
  • The wrench isn't the right size and strips the bolt. 
  • The homeowner goes back to the hardware store and gets another wrench. 
  • The nut is stripped, however, making tightening impossible. 

Now, the system needs more extensive repairs than it initially required––and while this is all happening, the home's temperature is dropping. When a furnace repair technician steps onto a scene, they have all the tools to get the job done. What's more, they can easily identify a problem and work on it as soon as possible. 



Homeowners’ Insurance Does Not Cover DIY-Related Issues

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department notes that while homeowners don't have to have insurance, most banks and lenders will require insurance before they issue a loan. A homeowner’s insurance usually applies to "covered perils," like snowstorms and other natural disasters. 

Homeowner's insurance does not cover issues arising from a homeowner's negligence – including faulty DIY repairs. This could lead to one paying hundreds of dollars out of pocket to remedy a once easy fix. 

About G.F. Bowman Inc. 

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Top Self-Care Tips That Make for a Relaxing Valentine's Day!

Turn the Regular Old Bathroom Into a Home Day Spa!

Valentine’s Day is here, and there’s no better excuse to enjoy a relaxing day at home. And while sitting on the couch is all fine and good for relaxing, this holiday calls for something a little more unique. Luckily, homeowners have plenty of options to turn their regular old bathroom into their very own relaxing day spa. From enjoying a nice beneficial bath to adding a little flair to the room, this article will give homeowners the tips they need to make this Valentine’s Day a great day for relaxing. 

Benefits of Bathsbenefits

There are plenty of proven benefits that come along with bath-time, making them a favorite for some self-care time alone. They can improve mood, helping feelings of anxiety and depression melt away. There’s something about the combination of quiet, solitude, and the comforting embrace of warm water that does the trick. Another benefit is triggered when taking a bath before bedtime. A warm bath at night can help the body’s melatonin production, helping people get to sleep quicker and easier. 

Some studies even suggest that regular baths can help reduce blood pressure. They improve circulation and help relax muscles, which can help homeowners relax after a weary day (or week). Baths can also soothe irritated skin, along with easing those sore muscles. And anyone who has ever added bath salts or oils to the bath for aromatherapy knows how relaxing and rejuvenating pleasant smells can be. 

Adding Some Color to Bath Time

In addition to the built-in benefits of bath time, there are things that homeowners can do to enhance the relaxing experience. And one of those things is the strategic use of lights to enhance mood, relaxation, and generally make for a more enjoyable experience. The use of lights in this way is called chromotherapy, and studies show it works to enhance mood! 

Installing LED lights into the bathroom — especially above the bathtub — can add this extra beneficial dimension and turn the bathroom into a day spa. There are even bathtubs on the market with built-in chromotherapy lights. So those homeowners in the market for a new bathtub may want to consider one of these magical, mood-enhancing tubs. 

showerRain Showers Are All The Rage

Homeowners who like taking showers more than baths don’t have to forego the relaxing spa feel. Rain shower heads are becoming more and more popular. These showerheads use gravity instead of water pressure to create a pleasant bathing experience. And some of them even come with built-in LED lights! Homeowners who want to listen to relaxing music while they bathe can get a rain shower head with built-in speakers. This way, every shower becomes a relaxing and rejuvenating experience!

Whether looking for a new bathtub, a new shower head, or simply some bathroom upgrades, homeowners have the help they need with local plumbers. They can help with selection and installation to help turn the bathroom into a day spa in no time. 

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Breathe Easier in 2022 With Better Indoor Air Quality

How to Have Better Indoor Air Quality This Year

Homeowners should add improving their home’s indoor air quality to their new year’s resolutions this year. This article goes over three easy ways to have cleaner air in 2022. Improving indoor air quality can reduce allergic reactions, prevent asthma attacks, and even prevent the spread of airborne germs and viruses. 

Change the Air Filter Every 3 Monthsair filter

The air filter is an important part of the HVAC unit. It filters out dust, dirt, and other contaminants from the air being sucked into the unit. Without a filter, these contaminants will continue to recirculate in the air and cause the system to break down if the dust builds up inside the unit

Air filter replacement is one of the simplest steps of AC maintenance, and yet many homeowners make the mistake of forgetting to change the filter on time. For most homes, the filter needs to be changed every three months. 

Factors that can affect how often the filter needs to be changed are how many people live in the house, pets in the house, and smokers in the house. Some filters may need to be changed every month to maintain good indoor air quality. 

air purifierBuy an Air Purifier

Homeowners looking for a quick fix to improve their indoor air quality should consider the wide variety of air purifiers available on the market for purchases. In 2022 homeowners can choose from portable devices to whole-home air scrubbers. The range of prices and features available on air purifiers is wide, so homeowners should be sure to do their research before settling on which model is best for their household. 

Family members with allergies or sensitive respiratory systems will benefit from adding an air purifier to the home. Some air purifiers use UV light to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses, while others only filter out particles from the air. An HVAC professional can help homeowners determine which kind of air purifier would be best for them. 

Clean the House

In addition to keeping up with heater maintenance, such as changing the filter, homeowners should also do some spring cleaning this season to improve their indoor air quality. Dust, dirt, and other debris have to come from somewhere, and that somewhere tends to be uncleaned floors and upholstery in the house. 

Dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming regularly is important for maintaining clean air inside. Homes with pets or smokers should take extra care to clean up often to prevent airborne particles from circulating throughout the house. The start of a new year is the perfect time for homeowners to improve all areas of their lives, including cleaning and maintaining a healthier living environment. 

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