Why Homeowners Should Get a Dehumidifier

What Is Humidity? 

The thermostat says 75. Box fans are on, and homeowners are wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts. Yet, the house still feels hot. The reason? Humidity. Humidity is the amount of moisture in the air. In some places, like Arizona, there is very little humidity. In Florida, however, the air feels heavy with moisture, making temperatures feel much hotter than they are. 

To combat humidity problems, many homeowners get dehumidifiers. These devices suck the moisture out of the air, improving the home’s indoor air quality. These devices also reduce mold growth, condensation on the windows, and other inconveniences. Those struggling to keep their homes comfortable this season should consider the benefits of getting a dehumidifier. Interested parties can continue reading to learn more. 

What’s the Point of a Dehumidifier? 

humidifierAs noted, a dehumidifier reduces humidity in the house. They can be battery-powered, plugged directly into the wall, or installed as attachments to already-existing HVAC systems. Additionally, these devices: 

  • Measure how much humidity is in the air. Ideally, a home’s humidity shouldn’t reach beyond 35 percent. Any percentage beyond that could lead to mold growth. 
  • Allow homeowners to perfect their indoor air humidity. Not everyone feels temperatures the same way. What may feel perfect for someone else may feel like sitting in an oven to another. Many dehumidifiers let homeowners customize their humidity and indoor air quality. Some even have scheduling options, turning on and off at certain times. 

Dehumidifiers also filter dust, dander, and mites from the air to improve indoor air quality. This can reduce respiratory problems and make the air more “breathable.” It can also reduce how often immunocompromised people in the home get sick. 

When Should One Get a Dehumidifier? 

humidifierImagine how the air feels after a heavy rainstorm. If the home’s indoor air feels anything like that, one should get a dehumidifier. Other signs that homeowners should get this device include: 

  • There’s condensation forming on the windows, either on the inside or outside. 
  • The home has a musty odor. 
  • Mold and mildew are forming. 
  • The walls look like they’re sweating. 
  • The paint or wallpaper is peeling off. 
  • Insects are beginning to lay eggs or infest certain areas. 

A dehumidifier does more than make a home more liveable; it also prevents long-term damage. Homeowners should do what they can to mitigate these problems, including getting a dehumidifier. Avoiding these signs could cause drywall rot, insect infestations, and other issues. 

The Many Benefits of Having a Dehumidifier 

People can’t control the weather outside. However, they can control their home’s indoor climate. A dehumidifier allows homeowners to do this. Within just a few hours of using one, a homeowner may notice: 

  • Reduced allergy and asthma symptoms
  • A noticeable decrease in foul odors 
  • Cooler temperatures 
  • A reduction in pet dander, hair, and dust 
  • Food on the counters lasting longer 
  • Windows free of condensation 

Getting a dehumidifier will not undo mold and mildew growth. In that situation, removal is best left to the professionals. However, a dehumidifier helps prevent these substances from spreading. 

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