Have You Gotten Your Boiler Ready For Winter Yet?

Keep Warm and Save Money With Boiler Services

Boiler maintenance before the winter season can help homeowners keep utility bills lower this year. Boiler systems are one of the most popular types of heating systems in modern residential homes. This blog post explains how boiler heating systems work and shares tips for preparing the boiler for winter. 

One of the best things homeowners can do for their heating systems is to invest in annual heating maintenance. During the winter months, heating bills can be one of the most significant expenses that homeowners face. Saving money on heating bills by improving boiler efficiency can help homeowners to put away more money for holiday shopping and festivities. 

Boiler Heating Systems 101

boilerBoiler heating systems warm the home by boiling water which transfers heat into the air. This type of heating system is called hydronic heating because it relies on water to get the job done. The two main types of boilers are oil and natural gas. Natural gas via a gas line is typically the most efficient boiler, as oil requires a large tank to be brought in for fuel.

The fuel ignites the burner, which then boils the water. Once the water is heated to the optimal temperature, it travels to terminals around the home. The most common types of boiler terminals are radiators and baseboard heaters. Underfloor radial heating is also available but has the risk of a hidden leak. 

Hot water from the boiler moves to the terminal, where the heat transfers into the air. When the water loses heat, it travels back to the boiler to be reheated, and the cycle starts over. Benefits of a boiler system include not relying on ductwork and low utility costs. 

How to Know if a Boiler Needs Repair 

Homeowners should be on the lookout for warning signs that they need boiler repair. An obvious sign of a malfunctioning boiler is a boiler making banging noises. Loud noises coming from the boiler could indicate a broken valve, ignition, or other malfunction. 

Homeowners should not ignore warning signs of a broken boiler. The heating element and gallons of water contained within the boiler can be hazardous if the system malfunctions. Homeowners should call a local HVAC company for help if the boiler continues to make unusual banging, hissing, or rattling noises. It is normal for the boiler to produce a low humming noise while running. 

Another warning sign homeowners need to watch out for is a boiler leaking water. During the winter months, there is a risk of the pipes freezing and causing a crack in the boiler, terminal, or pipes. Temperature changes can cause the metal to expand, leading to cracked hardware and possible boiler leaks. 

How to Make the Boiler More Efficient

boilerRegular boiler maintenance is the best way to avoid needing a boiler replacement too soon and to keep the system running smoothly. It requires a trained and licensed professional to safely perform boiler maintenance due to the high temperatures contained within the system. 

During boiler maintenance, the technician will check for signs of damage, tighten loose parts, and replace any outdated parts. The technician will have a chance to assess possible problems with the boiler and recommend repairs or replacements to the homeowner. Doing minor repairs, such as replacing worn-out valves, can significantly improve the boiler's efficiency and increase its lifespan. 

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