HVAC Zoning Services in Lebanon, Cleona & Central Pennsylvania

Optimize your existing HVAC system for comfort with HVAC zoning services from G.F. Bowman, Inc.

One of the main reasons your energy costs are so high when using a central air conditioning system is because your unit is heating or cooling your entire home, not just the areas you and your family are in. So what can you do to help? HVAC zoning is the unique process of retrofitting your existing system to operate in zones. Using HVAC zone dampers, you can create the ideal system for complete comfort in your home.

At G.F. Bowman, Inc., we have the expertise to help you through this process, leveraging 50 years of experience in Lebanon and Cleona, PA to benefit your comfort with every use of your air conditioner.

Need extra help with your home’s heating or cooling. Add a ductless mini-split AC system for those hard to reach areas.